The First & Only Inhaler Spray that can kill colds, flu and viruses. Relieves congestion. -- All Natural

Clinical tests show saline solutions promote healthy lungs, sinuses, ears, eyes, mouth, nose and skin. ColdKillTM stops infection, inflammation, allergy, virus, colds and flu. Use it for irritation, congestion, drips and pollution. Kills colds at the first sign of tickle, itch, sniffle, or wheeze. Use it as prophylactic daily to prevent colds.

Ingredients: Purified ionized water, Tropical Pacific Ocean Salt. A safe and natural collection and refining process from the purest Ocean waters in the world.

Ocean Salt is so complicated that no laboratory in the world can produce it artificially from its basic 80 chemical elements. Our Tropical Pacific Ocean Salt is produced in a small town by local families working beside the cleanest waters in the world. The natural fragrance of our ocean water is so pure and distinctive it helped the ancient Polynesians explore the Pacific Ocean waters thousands of years ago.

My grandfather related stories about his childhood growing up on a small island in Greece. His mother would tell him and his siblings to go into the ocean and play whenever they were sick or caught a cold. They lived in a climate where the water was warm and they loved to play in the waves. He and his siblings were never sick for long and he used the ocean for healing most of his life. He was extremely healthy and vital well into his 90s.

I found the Pacific Ocean to have the same benefits for me growing up in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. We would often go swimming in the Pacific Ocean waters of Zuma and Malibu Beach. I continued to do this as often as possible. Many others have related similar experiences in using ocean waters for colds and flu. I tested countless sources and concentrations and invented this product for myself. I use it daily inhaling its salty air deeply into my chest and lungs or sinuses. I spray it into my ears, eyes and mouth as well to freshen and sanitize. Use it on your hands as well. Coldkill kills and prevents colds. Colds are gone before they start. When I first caught covid in February, 2020, it was a very difficult 30 minutes. But my remedy worked and all my symptoms disappeared. I felt such relief and I never caught covid again.

It can work for you too. I wish you the very best in health and life.


Mark Davis

The locations where Coldkill Pure Tropical Ocean Salt are collected:


The salt undergoes far less processing than table salt after drying